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Access to the Sardinian Coat Coltellinai Rules and terms of examination

Access to CSC is through passing an exam that will take place in the following terms:
The candidate is required to submit 5 Sardinian type knives whose handles are made of traditional materials, preferably horn mutton or muffle.
At least 1 of the 5 pieces must be of the PATTADA model or alternatively a
TYPE CAMPIDANESE (ARBURESE OR GUSPINESE), a Dorgal knife model Tatanu Spanu.
The evaluation will take into consideration the technical aspects and, in general, the quality of the workmanship,
and more particularly the symmetry of the bevels, the planing and finishing of the blade, as far as the "PATTADA" particular attention will be paid to the construction and
assembly of the band or ring. it must present the edges of the planes and be mounted in such a way that the margins adhere perfectly to the joints and highlight the so-called "tracks" that must be symmetrical, parallel and straight; the cuffs should be worked out by highlighting the central rib and
respecting a general symmetry between the two parts.
The opening and closing of the blade must be slid and without any uncertainty and
the blade should be centered with respect to the handle.
For the "CAMPIDANESE" type besides the general aspects of blade and handle processing,
particular attention will be paid to the assembly and mounting of the ring by verifying that the thickness of the lamina is adequate to ensure good resistance to the material used.
The folded wings should be of the same height and fitted in such a way that the area of ​​contact with the blade is smooth and smooth allowing a fluid movement of the blade. Another important thing is the bursting of the blade housing in closure, such a burglary must be made taking care not to weaken the handle in the upper area.
Equal attention will be paid to ensuring that the blade is in axis with respect to the handle both in opening and closing.
The exam also includes a short talk about steel thermal treatments.
A candidate who will be deemed eligible to join the CSC will be awarded a title on the basis of the received evaluation, which may be AFFILIATED, ACCREDITED or MAESTRO in ascending order
The annual membership fee is set at 50 euros
For further information, please contact the secretary (

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